Who We Are

Looking for the best cancer hospital in India? Our top-rated cancer Hospital Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute (CNCI) offers world-class treatment with cutting-edge technology and experienced oncologists.

Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute began its research efforts in 1957. At that time research activities at this institute had emphasized on the understanding of the biology of cancer particularly of the predominant types viz. oral cavity and uterine cervix. Today, Research at CNCI has reorganized in its infrastructure both for basic and clinical research to include need-based contemporary as well as futuristic research areas. The current approach is based on a programmed-oriented research in areas of identification of risk factors predominantly responsible for the development of cancer includes oral, breast, lung, ovary, colon etc. Scientists are devoting themselves to understand the molecular mechanism of development of these cancer types and target at different stages of the disease. The collaborative efforts between scientist & clinicians are generating the new era of preclinical model development as well as new clinical trial design which ultimately helping the cancer patients. Different arenas of investigations are going on to fight against cancer. A blend of basic as well as translational research is going on .