In vitroCarcinogeneis and Cellular Chemotherapy

Department Name: In vitroCarcinogeneis and Cellular Chemotherapy H.O.D. Name: Dr. Madhumita Roy,Senior Scientific Officer(Assistant Director Grade) Contact: Email: Objective: The work conducted in various in vitro and in vivo cancer drug resistant models tounderstand the mechanism of Multidrug Resistance (MDR) in cancer.overcome MDR through various approaches like immune modulation, biochemical inhibition of resistance causing […]

Anticancer Drug Development

Department Name: Anticancer Drug Development H.O.D. Name: H O D: Dr. Madhumita Roy Senior Scientific Officer in the Grade of Asst. Director Contact: Objective: The objective of the department is to identify lead compounds from synthetic and natural source which can be used as cancer chemotherapeutic agent against different types of malignancies. Lab Member: Dr. […]

Signal Transduction & Biogenic Amines

Department Name: Signal Transduction & Biogenic Amines H.O.D. Name: Dr. Nabendu Murmu M.Sc, Ph.D Senior Scientific Officer,Gr.-I Contact: Email: No: 91-33-2476-5101 (ext-322)Fax No: 91-33-475-7606 Objective: Objectives of the department: i. To decipher the correlation between vasculogenic mimicry, angiogenesis and tumour invasiveness in the light of molecular signaling in different cancers. ii. To examine the […]

Immunoregulation and Immunodiagnostics

Department Name: Immunoregulation and Immunodiagnostics H.O.D. Name: Dr. Rathindranath Baral, PhD Senior Scientific Officer (in Assistant Director Grade) Contact: Tel : (Off.)2475-9313/2475-8057Email- Objective: To understand the molecular changes in systemic and tumor in situ immune functions in cancer host and to modulate altered immunity in such a way to obtain anti-tumor benefits. To achieve […]

Cancer Chemoprevention

Department Name: Cancer Chemoprevention H.O.D. Name: Senior Scientific Officer, Gr. I Dr. Prosenjit Saha, Ph.D Contact: Email: No: 91-33-2476-5101 (ext-316Fax No: 91-33-475-7606 Objective: The sole objective of this department is to prevent the cancer incidence in our society by using natural compounds which are presence in our foods and beverage or in Indian medicinal […]