Environmental Carcinogenesis And Toxicology

Department Name: Environmental Carcinogenesis And Toxicology H.O.D. Name: Dr. Madhumita Roy,Senior Scientific Officer(Assistant Director Grade) Contact: Phone:91-33-2476-5101 (ext-317) Fax No: 91-33-2475-7606 E-mail- mitacnci@yahoo.co.in ; mitacnci@gmail.com & E-mail- sutapa_c_in@yahoo.com Objective: Objective 1: To study the modulation of tumor markers by dietary phytochemicals sensitize cancer cells towards chemotherapeutic drugs Objective 2: To elucidate the effect of green […]

Oncogene Regulation

Department Name: Oncogene Regulation H.O.D. Name: Chinmay Kumar Panda, Ph.D, FNASc, FAScT Senior Assistant Director Grade Contact: ckpanda.cnci@gmail.com Objective: i) Molecular genetics of cancer, ii) Regulation of gene expression, iii) Development of molecular markers for early detection and prognosis of cancer, iv) Chemoprevention of cancer by natural products Lab Member: Dr. Gangotree Mohanty-CSIR- Research Associate […]

Receptor Biology & Tumor Metastasis

Department Name: Receptor Biology & Tumor Metastasis H.O.D. Name: Dr.Dona Sinha, Ph.D Senior Scientific Officer (SSO-I Grade) Contact: email: donasinha2012@gmail.com Objective: OBJECTIVES OF THE DEPARTMENT:  Health impact of chronic low level arsenic exposure on rural population of West Bengal  Epithelial mesenchymal transition and cancer metastasis  Redox signaling in cancer biology  Exploration […]

Viral Associated Human Cancer

Department Name: Viral Associated Human Cancer H.O.D. Name: Dr. Chinmay Kumar Panda, PhD, FNASc Senior Assistant Director Grade Contact: Email: chinmaykumar.panda@cnci.org.inPhone No: 91-33-2476-5101 (ext-328)Fax No: 91-33-475-7606 Objective: coming soon Lab Member: Mr. Anirban Roy Choudhary – Senior Research Fellow, CSIR Brief description of the ongoing research work: View

Pathology and Cancer Screening

Department Name: Pathology and Cancer Screening H.O.D. Name: Dr. Partha Nath, CMO Grade Contact: cncistkol@gmail.com Objective: The department of Pathology and Cancer Screening is catering to comprehensive cancer screening and awareness programs for the last 35 years. The program covers both rural and urban areas of WestBengal and adjoining states. In addition, the department also […]


Department Name: Neuroendocrinology H.O.D. Name: Dr. Madhumita Roy,Senior Scientific Officer(Assistant Director Grade) Contact: Email: infodesk@cnci.ac.inPhone No: 91-33-2476-5101 (ext-328)Fax No: 91-33-475-7606 Objective: coming soon Lab Member: Dr. Nilanjana Bhattacharya,M.Sc, Ph.D, Research Associate.Ms. Sraboni Mitra, M.Sc, Sr.Research Fellow.Mrs. Sudeshna Mukherjee, M.Sc, Sr.Research Fellow.Mrs. Dipanjana Majumdar(Indra), M.Sc, Sr.Research Fellow.Ms. Nupur Mukherjee, M.Sc, Jr.Research Fellow.Mrs. Debolina Pal, M.Sc, Sr.Research […]

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Department Name: Epidemiology and Biostatistics H.O.D. Name: Dr.Shyamsundar Mondal , Ph.D Contact: Email: infodesk@cnci.ac.in/ Phone No: 91-33-2476-5101 (ext-318)/ Fax No: 91-33-475-7606 Objective: Coming Soon.. Lab Member: Mrs. Soma Das, B.A, Social Investigator.Mrs. Indrani Nandi. M.A, Social Investigator.Mrs. Pranati Sarkar. B.A, Social Investigator.Mr. Souma Roy. M.A, Social Investigator.Mr. Biswajit Bhattacharya. B.Sc, Social InvestigatorMr. Biswanath Ghose M.A, […]

Dept. of Translational Research

Department Name: Dept. of Translational Research H.O.D. Name: Dr. Chinmoay Kumar Panda, Sr. Assistant Director Grade Contact: Email cncistkol@gmail.com Objective: Benefit of the cancer patients with the perfect blending of basic research with clinical research Identification of risk factors predominantly responsible for the development of various forms of cancer including oral, breast, lung, ovary, colon […]

Metabolic Regulation

Department Name: Metabolic Regulation H.O.D. Name: Dr. Chinmay Kumar Panda, M.Sc, Ph.D Contact: Email: chinmaykumar.panda@cnci.org.inPhone No:91-33-2476-5101 (ext-328)Fax No:91-33-475-7606 Objective: As a continuation of the work done in the previous year the therapeutic effect of anti-ganglioside antibody raised against Ehrlich’s Ascites Carcinoma (EAC) cell gangliosides in rat was studied on the same tumor in vivo in […]

Experimental Hematology

Department Name: Experimental Hematology H.O.D. Name: Dr. Chinmoy Kr. Panda Senior Scientific Officer in the Grade of Asst. Director Contact: Email cncistkol@gmail.com Objective: Indoor air pollution (IAP), due to cooking and room heating with unprocessed solid biomass such as wood, cow dung and agricultural wastes is a public health problem in rural India. Biomass smoke […]